Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still working

No pictures, but this weekend I still got a few things done.  First, I tackled the job of re-packing the wheel bearings on the trailer with grease.  During the process I found that I was missing the inner seals, and the bearings on the right side are bad.  And I need tires!  My $60 trailer is costing more every time I turn around!
  One the boat side, I got some fairing done on the keel foil.  Cold temps and rain are slowing me down, though.  But there's always tomorrow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back at it!

Last night I had a long talk with Ben Doolittle (Carbon Offset).  Talking to him, then going back through his blog, got me back into the build mode.  So this morning I woke up ready to go at it!  I went outside, cut my foil blank to length, and realized that before I could even begin fairing I had some serious work to do!  My foil looked more like an airplane wing than an assymetrical foil.  Since I want to be able to go upwind on both tacks, I decided to fix it now.  Today I had the help of my son Francisco,

If you listen to him, he'll tell you he did all the work, and the pictures prove it!

So now it's ready for fairing, and my boss just called and said I'll be working tomorrow and all next week.  But I'll put the time in where I can, I've got the glass to wrap it now, and I'm eager to get started on the sleeve too.